Anxiety Affirmations & A Prayer

Anxiety Affirmations & A Prayer

Words are powerful. What you say can shape and define your life. This is so true with anxiety. So many times we let anxiety take over our life. But when we start projecting positive words against our anxiety, our brain begins to believe it and our anxiety begins to calm

15 Affirmations for Anxiety

1. This is only temporary.
2. I am in control.
3. I’ve made it through before and I will make it through again.
4. This too shall pass.
5. Anxiety does not define me.
6. I have the power to stop this.
7. Breathing in, I calm my body; breathing out, I let go of anxiety.
8. I am relaxed.
9. I am calm.
10. I am strong and can persevere.
11. I have survived this before; I will survive now.
12. I am courageous and can make it through.
13. I am in control of my thoughts.
14. I am safe.
15. Things will work out.



I’d also like to offer a prayer for everyone during these uncertain times.
Dear Heavenly Father,
I come to you at this difficult time, Lord.
Lord, we need you.
The world is so uncertain right now, Lord.
But please remind and show us that for you, this is not uncertainty, this is your plan.
You have brought us here and you will see us through.
Lord, help calm my racing thoughts.
Bring us peace.
Give us strength.

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