9 Signs You Could Benefit From Counseling

9 Signs You Could Benefit From Therapy

Signs That You Would Benefit From Therapy

Therapy often comes with a stigma, just as mental health does. But you would be surprised as to not only how many people go but as to how many people benefit from going. There are many types of therapy. The most common therapy is CBT. CBT is short for cognitive behavioral therapy or talk therapy. After an assessment, your therapist will decide which would be most beneficial for you. Below are signs that you would benefit from therapy.

1. You’re Experiencing Symptoms of a Mental Illness

Talking with a medical professional can give you effective coping skills to better manage your symptoms. Also, if needed, a medical professional can prescribe you medication as an additional form of treatment. Suffering in silence will only make the symptoms worse.

2. You Constantly Feel Lonely

Loneliness is one of the worst feelings, especially if you’re in a crowded room. Take it from someone with experience. We all need interaction. By talking to someone, we are filling that need for interaction. A licensed professional can give you skills to meet new people or reconnect with those you’ve lost touch with due to your disconnect with others.

3. You Isolate Yourself From People & Situations

Often with mental health, the word “no” is a healthy mechanism. But in certain instances, such as in avoidance, the word “no” is considered an unhealthy mechanism. One of my symptoms, when I get depressed, is that I isolate myself. I don’t send or reply to text messages, I stay at home, and avoid any social interaction. Sometimes I do this without even realizing it until someone calls me out on it. Again like I stated above, we all need social stimulation, even just a little. A therapist can help you recognize when you begin to isolate yourself and ways to get yourself back out there.

4. Things Bother You That Used To Not

This can include anything that now bothers you and impacts your happiness. For me, the indicator that something was wrong was that the smallest things would bother me such as an object being out of place or people’s opinions.

5. You Struggle to Process Emotions or Negative Thoughts

Many people struggle with processing events, feelings, emotions that are triggering. With counseling, you will be taught tools to process these emotions and thoughts and turn them into positive thoughts.

6. You Find Yourself Feeling Overwhelmed & Stressed (more than usual)

Feeling overwhelmed and stressed occurs to millions of people and they don’t know how to effectively manage it. If you’re feeling like you’re carrying more than you can handle, this is a sure sign that you should seek out therapy. Feeling overwhelmed and stressed can often lead to destructive behaviors and you want to catch them before you fall into an unhealthy spiral.

7. You’ve Experienced Trauma or a Major Life Event

At any age experiencing trauma can have a negative effect on your life. You want to get the emotions and thoughts that the trauma brought to your life under control as soon as possible. Just like combating the emotions and thoughts that stress brings, you want to do the same thing with those that trauma brings. Remember, these thoughts and feelings can lead to unhealthy coping behaviors in an attempt to rid your mind of these thoughts and emotions.

8. You Have Unhealthy Coping Mechanisms

Coping mechanisms are what we do to deal with our mental health. Unhealthy coping mechanisms can include but are not limited to self-harm, alcohol abuse, drug abuse, over/under-eating, over-exercising, smoking, etc. There are not only unhealthy, short-term fixes but will also harm you in the long term. Therapy can teach you safer and more effective coping mechanisms.

9. You’re At Your Limit & Have Nothing Else To Try

For many people, therapy is a last resort but one that works.

There are a lot of reasons why therapy may be a good option for you and I’m not by any means says therapy is magically going to take all your problems away. I am saying that therapy will help you cope with stressors, illnesses, traumas, and other situations that you may struggle within your everyday life. While therapy is not for everyone, just like anything else, it’s worth a try. Why not try something with the possibility of it helping you? Nowadays, you can do text or video therapy from the comfort of your own home, at work, during your commute, etc. There’s no excuse as to why you can’t try therapy if you believe that it would be beneficial for you. In all reality, you don’t have to have a mental illness to benefit from therapy. We’re all human, we could all have someone to talk to and help us get through life.

2 thoughts on “9 Signs You Could Benefit From Counseling

  1. Great read. I find it amazing to learn that a counseling can help people who are suffering from negative thoughts such as loneliness and stress. My friend told me that she was diagnosed with anxiety last week, and she’s looking for advice on how to get treatment over this pandemic. I’ll share this with her and suggest that she consider video therapy for counseling.

    1. Thanks so much for sharing this article with your friend. Counseling has helped me tremendously! Tell her she’s more than welcome to reach out if she needs someone to talk to!

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